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5 Steps to Building a Brand.

5 Steps to Building a Brand.

Here are some quick tips on where to start when staring a new brand or business:


  1. Name: Come up with a awesome name that describes what you do in 1-2 words. Optional: Tagline
  2. Color Scheme: Select 2-3 colors that you want to be part of your brand identity.
  3. Logo: Have a logo created that is iconic, having both an icon logo along with the name of the brand usually works well.
  4. Business Cards: The first step to bringing your brand to life is creating a simple and clean business card.
  5. Website: Having a website/ landing page lets your clients know you are legit and ready for business.


These 5 steps above are a great start to anyone looking to start a brand or a business.

Obviously there are many other good you can build to make your brand stand out, and when you are ready, we are here to guide you!

Thank You for your time. Feel free to share this with anyone and everyone.


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