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Need a Real Estate Website?

Need a Real Estate Website?

When building a Real Estate website (or any other) its very important to figure out who your ideal client is and how we can accommodate them while on your website.


Having simple features that allow the user to navigate easily through your website is what you want to have.


Here are some quick tips on what to ask when building a Real Estate website:

  1. What is your mission as a real estate agent or brokerage?
  2. Who are your ideal clients? Though you may have a broad range of clients, where does your main income come from.
  3. What can I do to simplify the Real Estate experience? (In an online sense).
  4. Let’s not confuse any clients visiting your website, make sure to stick to minimal written content. Find a way to simply those long paragraphs, sum it up in a sentence or 2.
  5. Design, Design, Design.. Am amazing design can make the sale on its own. Know your options when your ready for this step.


There is much more that we can sit and talk about but these points will help you get a serious direction to where you want your website to be. Thank You for your time.


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